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So this post


was too awesome and I thought it deserved a drawing inspired by it. 

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Update: State of the Site


Greetings Flight Rising Community:

Since we have concluded maintenance we have noticed that some players have had their Flight Rising accounts compromised. We have been actively investigating this event. We thank you for all of your immediate and direct reports of these compromises;…

I wasn’t logged out either and would never have known of any of this if it wasn’t for a friend tweeting complaints about not being able to reset her password.

This is seriously the only kickstarter I have ever regretted backing (and I have backed a PC game that low-balled it and ran out of money and essentially won’t deliver) and I certainly regret buying about $300 worth of gems in the beginning to further support this dumpster fire before you all went TheftPal-only.

I’m not event sure why I bother to play any more. Probably the awesome community in my flight is the only thing that keeps me going. AKA - nothing you all have ever done.

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i am in love with two people. one is you. the other one is also you, but from an alternate timeline with dragons.

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[] It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a Jaeger must be in want of a co-pilot…


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A couple people asked me how I vary my leaves and trees and honestly, it’s super easy! I’ve never made a tutorial/guide before so I kept this mega simple but I hope someone out there might find it useful at least!

Also, anyone can download the brushes I use for all my art on my tumblr page (: I only use around 5 so go nuts haha

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Oh, I…


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Pokemon Princesses by Hapuriainen on Deviant Art.



I approve of pretty much everything here and GIVE ME THAT MERIDA OUTFIT.

I would rock that shit so hard Victory Road trainers be like “dayum…” and let me pass and Elite 4 be like “I ain’t askin for no trouble tho” and just give me the champions badge and magically summon the Dratini I’ve been trying to find forever and give it to me and the Dratini be like “guuuuurrrrrrrlll” and immediately evolve into a Dragonair and then I would give it an everstone and be happy forever.



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Ah, a perfect tumblr post for me to reblog to say a general thing: 

PSA: our ad team has been trying to keep these ads from showing up on our site for literally weeks. Probably closer to a couple months now. We think they are coming through Google Ad exchange, and the makers of them are tagging them something deliberately obscure so that we can’t get rid of them by, say, blocking the “video games” category. 

If you would like to help us get rid of them, what will really make a difference is if we can figure out what these ads click through to. This goes for any gross ad that makes it onto our page, by the way. There’s only so much our team can do with screenshots, but with the link that the ad directs to they can be a lot more specific in their actions. I don’t want to demand that anyone clicks on these ads, for obvious reasons, but if you want to help, that’s the best way to do it. 

Also I can’t help but mention that what would also help is if the messages you send to notify us of gross ads didn’t contain passive aggressive undertones like “I hope The Mary Sue knows how much these ads go against what you say is your message,” or “you should be working on taking these ads down right now.” etc. I think it should be patently obvious from our content that we do not approve of ads like this, and, while it is not as obvious, we almost always are already working on taking them down. I suppose I should be happy that our readers hold us to a high standard but I don’t have the ability to be quite that noble so messages like this just leave me feeling that you’ve made a knee jerk judgement that I’m a giant hypocrite. Like almost every blog you read, the majority of our ads are served to us by algorithms rather than campaigns that were thought up and minutely planned by actual human beings. Some error is to be expected, and when those errors happen it can, as it is in this case, sometimes be very difficult to find the source of the problem because the admakers have made it deliberately difficult. 

Thank you. Thus ends our PSA on gross ads. - Susana

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I’m really liking Sleepy Hollow so far. 

that’s it. that’s literally the whole show.


… Maybe I need to get over my initial bad reaction and watch this show.